Fix the problem and run it again. Spam, promote your business, or job postings List items for sale or conduct a virtual ‘swap meet’ Write excessively rude or condescending posts we are all entitled to our opinions, but order must be maintained. I am going to post a blog article about this, but let me just post the exact steps below:. I noticed no voltage drops on the 3. Replied Feb 27 , 5: Otherwise alphassl has their own installation instructions at https: I know you can add repositories and do apt-get, so read that I understand that before commenting to tell me that.

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I am having zero luck. Contact me at admin oneconnect.

Use an Existing SSL Certificate on a Linux UniFi Controller

No dips in power, noise is in the 20 csg 30mvPP region. Get your certificate issued I would tell them I am using apache so they issue all the certs you will need.

Matt is a personable, likable, modest and unassuming fellow, with an understanding of all things digital and computerised.

From the command line: You don’t have a path set for those two files. More from this site: How is that hardware different from the one that you’re testing with now? At the time of writing this article there is no known way to replace the certs on both devices and maintain unjfi.


I am still having the same issues with this module. This seems power supply error. No problem, glad I could help. Not sure if it is a permission issue or what? Give people incorrect information on purpose Post box pictures without discussion. If it doesn’t go through quick enough then just open the live chat with them and ask them to expedite it – they seem more than happy to do so. Also i am new to Linux.

WF Linux driver not loading correctly

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The original cert in question was bought directly from Comodo and they supply the certs in a different format than what the guide expects, and it didnt have the AddTrustExternalCARoot. Tried doing it individually with the nvr and the UniFi controller and a bunch of other things.

For reference I used the instructions from here:. I would linix to make sure that this is not a hardware issue, can you test with an older linux kernel and older WF drivers which you go working previously? The script is heavily commented, so you can read through it to see exactly what it does.

New Drivers  6CH AUDIO AV511 DRIVER

If you are not, you will need sudo privileges.

Submit a new text post. We have a green lock! If I simply try to import this i get: If the certificate is new, it will get automatically imported into the UniFi Controller.

Let us take the hassle out of your IT today. Passes the digicert certificate check and all. I just set this up for myself not even 20 minutes ago.

Wi-Fi Wireless Forum

Alphassl gave him a pkcs7, comodo issued the other guy most of certs but not all that were expected in this process I think it was a domain validation one or something. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Everything I try I get cannot import into keystore. The two biggest issues I ran into using the instructions from Willie Howe as the base for my effort as stated earlier are listed below:.

I’m running cr controller on Amazon EC2 and it’s working great.