Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. You don’t have installed the headers for your kernel. As you can see in Figure “3nodes-5min. Currently there is no way to suppress these messages other than patching the kernel, which probably isn’t a good idea. Hardware … After building and installing madwifi modprobe doesn’t find the modules!

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The Atheros AR5007EG wireless card

Modprobing madwifi modules fails with a message “kernel disagrees about … I get: June 20th, 4. This causes some very weak packets to go out. February 14, at 5: Download in other formats: This can be useful if you want to use hand-compiled versions of one or more modules, but keep linux-restricted-modules installed on your system, or just to disable modules you don’t use and speed up your boot process by a second or two.

It does a disabld of steps to ensure absolutely back to back transmission.

UserDocs/Troubleshooting – – Trac

This sticker may be present on other vendors’ machines as well. First let us speak about sniffing packets using a third device in monitor mode. The following has been reported by Ron Dippold:.


I have completed merging all the important stuff from the this driver into the Madwifi driver. Thank you once again. Comment on this change optional. Download it and save it somewhere. Disablr is done in an endless loop. Due to iwpriv ‘s generic nature it sometimes happens that the buffer, which the tool uses to store the driver’s response to a private request, isn’t big enough.

Madwifi Stripped / Click Wifi Driver

This page has been deprecated since the release of CentOS 5. Then I found two problems with it in my testbed:. Your kernel source isn’t installed in one of the default places make looks for it.

Can you please explain exactly what you want to do? If it’s still not working, see if there are any errors in dmesg. This entry was sent in by Stuart Higgs, and only applies to the old code.

Jaunty kernel supports ath5k and cisable drivers. Can you please elaborate as to what problem you are facing?

The message you see is a warning, meant to urge developers to make use of the new interface rather than relying on the old one. Assuming you had no errors, you can now test if the card is working with iwlist ath0 scan You should see a list of wireless networks maewifi your area. We came across some interesting facts and hacks in the drivers. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.


Add tags Tag help. Email me about changes to this bug report.

The time now is February 14, at 4: Hardware … After building and installing madwifi modprobe doesn’t find the modules! However, you should not be afraid of having to compile the source code. I still have few questions unanswered, dusable give you the background I am using adhoc mode and