Sat Nov 29, Also, make sure you have proper contact between the CPU and heatsink. The Xeon above has 8GB, but no Windows license. Proc fan comes on, but that’s it. My memory upgrade doesn’t seem to be working. I suppose I should mention virtualization too.

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There is only one installed on the front panel. It’s running really well.

IntelĀ® Desktop Board DQ965GF

Some folks claim RAM advertised as AMD specific works fine in their Intel boards, while others seems like a smaller subset report issues. Sun Nov 30, 2: I tried a couple of sticks, one at a time, but will try them all later today. Some cases have a hole where you can inspect the cooler mounting from behind once you remove the outer shroud of the case. Also, make sure you have proper contact between the CPU and heatsink. It makes me want to apply computing to applications and scenarios I am not currently applying it videi.

New Drivers  ES1887 AUDIO DRIVER

The X compares pretty well in performance terms. Apr 21, Posts: I responded hastily, gents. My memory upgrade doesn’t seem to be working. I tried a couple of different BIOS memory configs, including disabling auto config on memory selection and manually entering at Mhz for the new memory. Sat Dec 06, I have an inexpensive case with room for two case fans in the back, but those aren’t installed. Take the motherboard out, turn it over and see if all 4 are in all the way.

Those temps are way too high under a low load if you used thermal compound and have all 4 pins in all the way. Sun Nov 30, 7: Look at the plastic pins.

Intel DQGF system max spec upgrade woes – Ars Technica OpenForum

Heatsink sounds like it’s not installed right, as noted. Here’s the cq965gf upgrade spec: Viz games, I hardly play any. Now I know it’s a question of finesse, jiggling them until they line up properly. Is this really a case fan thing? I already had a system based on a socket board, so it was a no brainer for me given the current prices of s on eBay.


Jun 23, Posts: First, there’s the open tabs scenario. I removed the motherboard and only then noticed this issue. Then there’s the 5 or so always open tabs, with a couple of Gmail rq965gf, messaging, project mgmt and calendars etc.

I have a system built around the DQGF motherboard.

The memory you purchased is for AMD systems as was specified in the eBay listing below. Or is there something else going on?

The Xeon above has 8GB, but no Videp license. You are absolutely correct. I have two problems, and I’ll be grateful for some help with these. The ‘economy’ of the upgrade, though, has come crumbling down with the potential need for new RAM.

Intel DQGF system max spec upgrade woes.