Modules are already included. If you experience problems mail me , there are also Google , mailinglists and newsgroups. Newer versions are available at www. APM is not working properly with the laptop for example it does not show the batterystate , also there are problems with interrupts so I recommend to use ACPI. RS io 0x0ex0e7f io 0x0ex0eff irq 3 dma 6 dma disabled Update: Simply don’t check at the kernelconfiguration the above mentioned.

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A more recent driver XF86Config has to be changed. With the old ACPI it doesn’t resume, in the newer version for 2. Burning CDs isn’t difficult: Then you need an program for burning, there are a few like xcdroast, koncd, kreatecd. What happens when I have an item in my cart but it is less than the eligibility threshold? Troubleshooting seems obsolete with the new firmware: The Modul can be loaded without problems and doesn’t complain foce a missing device.

222 Gericom X5 Force, P14

Of course current ones do work as well, they only should match together. Apparently it has problems gericok erasing CD-RWs. All stuff is merged in powermanagement-daemon. Anybody an idea how the irda dongle is connected to the southbridge? As I don’t have a device for testing I can not say if it works. Additional YaST package repositories.


Gerricom you don’t use a self-compiled one and the unchanged kernelsources from the DVD are installed it is not that way. Let us wish you a happy birthday!

If you are using ext3, try googling for laptopmode. Seems that not all X5 have it. Please fill in a complete birthday Enter a valid birthday.

Linuxinstallation on a Gericom X5

You can get the remaining amount to reach the Free froce threshold by adding any eligible item to your cart. APM is not working properly with the laptop for example it does not show the batterystatealso there are problems with interrupts so I recommend to use ACPI.

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Install the smartlink-softmodem package from DVD. This is also in the newer SuSE kernels.

I don’t know yet. To set the routes scripts can automatically be invoked like in this example. Fericom normal installation process is not very difficult, if you don’t like the default settings you can choose other if you click of the one you want and change it to your needs. S3 released the sources for a 3D driver under GPL, so this will come sooner or later.


Gericom X5 Force, P14 | Rapid Online

I’m using framebuffer in mode One can look hericom “iwconfig” whether everything is ok. Other options are fixing the samplerate to 48 kHz and rising the buffersize. Despite yericom it works well if you pay attention to a few things: And Rudolf Mittelmann wrote something for the X5 Force. The first was “discovered” by Peer Frank: Of course the normal function keys work too. It is in X. The VT is in contrast to the helptext mentioned in the sourcecode.

Stefan Scheler wrote a program to use the hotkeys with linux!