Can refurbish or other printer manufacture EP cartridges be used in the SuperScript printer. Printing forms getting characters instead of lines. The blinking green light is normal, the printer is in the ready mode, waiting for data from CPU. Click on the Virtual Memory button. Connected to Cirrus Pentium with 80 x 16 million colors getting cir. Installing the SuperScript software getting the following error:

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Printer not designed for Windows NT, only Windows 3. Cannot do print screens in Windows 3. Doing mail merge in Word 2. Under print to the following nec superscript 860 select lpt1 and click on Apply. The application’s settings over ride nec superscript 860 printer settings. Contact manufacturer for an updated video driver. Install a new toner cartridge. See Chapter 10 “Paper Jam”.

Printout is light SuperScriptusing the correct ribbon and paper. Door keeps popping open on printer. No the printer requires the following: Contact Laplan and Xircom technical support for further assistance. Will the SuperScript printers support Epson control codes?


Check new EP cartridge for damage, If damaged return to place of purchase Replace old cartridge and try printing. Click on the OK button. Check the number of printers installed on your system. Open control panel Open printers uncheck use Windows print manager click on connect uncheck fast print direct to port nec superscript 860 ok click on setup and check Use NEC’s print manager In order to make the settings effective, restart Windows by clicking the Nec superscript 860 button.

NEC SuperScript Specs – CNET

Where can I obtain a parts breakdown of the SuperScript printers? Just send the printer body only. Nec superscript 860 SuperScript software getting corrupted VM error. The following drivers are needed: Reinstall SuperScript software and renable 32 bit file access. Open nec superscript 860 Open control panel Open printers uncheck use Windows print manager click on connect uncheck fast print direct to port check what port is selected ex.


Printer power is on but the fuser never warms up. Defrag hard drive set VM settings to none first then run defrag.

How to install my SuperScript into Windows 95? Check EP cartridge for broken tab, tab is located left side. Then you can change directory and start your DOS application.

NEC SuperScript 860 Toner

Image splits and wraps nec superscript 860 syperscript. The SuperScriptPlus,Plus cannot test for added memory. Refer to Chapter 9 “Redistributing the Toner”. Make sure face down door is open, make sure envelopes are recommended by NEC to use with printer.

For more information on virtual memory in Windows, refer to nec superscript 860 Microsoft Windows 3. For service call The file s to download are: