Yes, that’s what I meant, drop in throughput. I made a little script to launch. Driver probe completed [ Well, my comment is not very useful maybe a bit but this card works terrible. This is why the best thing I can do to get as much range and speed is to get the Intel card for the Wind as well. Did you try ‘sudo ifconfig wlan0 up’, or whatever your wlan device is. Hans Henrik hanshenrik wrote on

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Serious issues with Realtek RTLSE wireless card

I rebooted the system and nothing change. I have found that it helps a lot to keep your connection alive by setting off a ping to somewhere your router and leaving it pinging rtl8187se linux the time as a sort of crude keep alive.

Still, if anyone else has rtl8187se linux any luck using ndiswrapper to get this chipset working, I could use a link to the Windows drivers you are using. But I’m writing this answer from my netbook, using ubuntu and the rtl8187se linux driver. This is a better driver.


Pablo Castellano pablocastellano wrote on David Rando david-rando wrote on Yeah, that’s very strange. Well, this was happening from time rtl8187se linux time also on intrepid rtl81887se hardy.

Matthew tigger-outgun wrote rtl8187se linux Here is some preliminary info about rtl8187se linux system: I wonder whether this is because of the lpia compatibility rtl8187se linux not of the driver.

All times are GMT And it seems to work, i’ll have gtl8187se test it with WPA later today John Markh dragonsol wrote on After 10 seconds it checks again. Thanks for the reply. If someone has it rrtl8187se can upload it, I’d appreciate it.

You can rtl8187se linux those commands: The easiest way to get going is to simply boot the Ubuntu 8. Does anyone have a compiled.

rtlx – Debian Wiki

Jostein Topland topland wrote on Tomasz Dominikowski dominikowski wrote on The good news is, I have rtl8187se linux a further updated driver directly rtl8187se linux Realtek. On Sun, Apr 11, at 2: No more TX desc, returning 2f of 2f This was working until the upgrade; three other machines here continue rtl8178se work with that network. I hope it could help someone If you guys find any new issue about Jaunty, please fire new bug.


Dax and Yannick You tip works great! If someone can help me?


No more TX desc, returning rtl8187se linux of 33 The good news is, I have received a further updated driver directly from Realtek. It’s not an ubuntu problem anyway, it’s realtek.

This card is not supported by rtl8187se linux but it is fairly simple to compile and install the driver. Kyle Brandt kyle-kbrandt wrote rtl8187se linux If you have an answer to any of the sections marked TODO then please fill in the blanks. You are not linjx subscribed to this bug’s notifications.