Sharp remains focused on creating strong and successful brands that will be recognized worldwide as market leaders. It is proud of its accomplishments and eagerly awaits the future. To use the feature, select the image orientation in “Image Orientation” Click “Add or Remove Programs”. When the optional Facsimile Expansion Kit is installed.

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Misfeed in the transport area”. You can print a list of timer or dual access operations that are currently set.

Page Storing Groups Scan to E-mail Sharp ar208d can send a scanned image to multiple e-mail destinations in a single Scan to E-mail operation. If you use the ra208d in a country other than the country Warning where the machine was purchased, you will need to make sure that your local power supply is compatible with your sharp ar208d.

The fusing unit is hot. A message will appear asking you if you agree to the terms of the license. Sharp ar208d machine can print the following file types: Sharp ar208d to Control the Online Manual In this sharp ar208d, the following buttons are displayed at the bottom of each page. Be sure to read the Readme file before installing the PPD file. They are convenient for the Broadcasting function, which is used to transmit an original to a group of fax machines.


Using The Machine As A Shared Printer Using the machine as a shared printer If the machine will be used as a shared printer on a network, follow these steps to install the printer driver in the client computer. Install the A2r08d file as needed. Use the following procedure to print out reports: There may be some deviations from these values in individual machines.


When this is done, the machine sharp ar208d periodically check the sharp ar208d server for e-mail and automatically print out any file attachments it receives. When the sheet paper feed unit is installed. Output does not stack neatly in the paper output tray.

This function is convenient when you wish to compile printed pages into a pamphlet. The first-copy time is measured after the power save indicator turns off following power on, using the document glass with the polygon rotating in the copy ready state and “LSU SETTING” To turn the Anti Junk Fax feature on and off, sharp ar208d the following procedure: For the margin position, see the sharp ar208d page.

The indicator of the selected mode lights copy, printer, scanner, fax mode indicators. If you selected “Auto Select” in 3 of step 14, the machine configuration is detected sharp ar208d automatically configured.

If you wish to make sharp ar208d a qr208d copy, copying is possible with the display showing “0”. Sharp ar208d a fax job while another job is in progress Fax transmission or reception in progress Place the original.


Touch-tone uses tones of different pitches for each numeric key, while pulse lines use a series of pulses.

Sharp AR-208D Laser Toner Cartridges and Printing Supplies

Put the old cartridge immediately in sharp ar208d bag contained in the box of the new cartridge. The RSPF cover is open.

To print a watermark, open the printer driver, click the “Watermarks” tab, and follow the steps below. If you are using Mac OS X v Press the [ ] key or [ until “0: Page Enter the name of the destination with the sharp ar208d keys.

sharp ar208d

When a restriction is in sharp ar208d, an information icon will appear next to the setting. For explanations of each of the items, click [Help] in the menu frame.

Sharp AR 208D Supplies

This function automatically adjusts the copy image according to sharp ar208d original being copied. Be sure to take a few minutes to clean the machine on a regular basis. Press the [ ] key until “2: