Cut and resoldered the other end of the cable, then I am a bit puzzled as to why you kept the 9 pin bulky connector? It uses similar idea as well. Administrator Hero Member Posts: Unplugging and replugging the usb cable removed the Adobe only problem. I suppose reboot would have fixed the problem as well. You can break or burn anything including your fingers.

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The relative feedback “amplitude” of many antennas at the same time is used to compute a precise position.

Or maybe I’ll do it later when everything is working just to see what happens. I can see you played with this before: August 23, Also make sure the wire is never going to touch the 2 vias that are right below it: Two of the resistance readings are different. Did you know that you could setup different Wacom profiles for different applications — in the Wacom control panel you can have separate settings for adobe photoshop for example — that would explain your initial area issue.


The pen “resonates” pen is tweaked to resonate to a precise frequency. This makes it jump from wacoom point to another. Terimnals A, B, 1, 2 is grounded.

You need to run it with java 1. Check the temperature of ICs on the board. In essence, we just need to ground the signal that I referred as “A” in my picture. I assume this was just so it is faster to build?

Clicking | Wacom Intuos2 XDR User Manual | Page 27 /

This was the exact error, I will have to download the 64 bit version java. One is x monitor 2 and other is x monitor 1.

By active areas, you mean on top of the areas that has the array of vertical and horizontal connections? If you see other quirks, even if you do not really care about it, please report it anyway.

May 15, Uninstalling the older driver and installing the newest driver solved the issue. Unplugging and replugging the usb cable removed the Adobe only problem.

Wacom XD-0608-R Graphics Tablet User Manual

I am not done re-compiling the. Did you have any experiences similar to this with Adobe products?

New Drivers  BENQ G950A DRIVER

Just a few extra steps, no big deal. August 27, I will make sure that nothing goes over that.

No more issues with photoshop and illustrator with usable area repositioning. March 27, It is the number 5 in my picture.

I think the readings are fine but double checking is not going to hurt. Get Waxbee version 0. Thank you very much. Hopefully I won’t see smoke coming out. We do not want to connect to it.

Clicking – Wacom Intuos2 XD-0608-R User Manual

You can attach photos hosted by the forum rather than using an external image hosting site, this means they will stay forever and not disappear after a year or two. What I did instead was to use your program to wacim a hex file. Thank you for your kind words.