Top of Form Position 1 inch. They will advance the paper to the starting print position. When an interface is active, the other one is not used, even if data is sent while the active interface is not receiving data. Re-lock the lock lever. Hook the extensions onto the upper guide pins pointing into the printer, then slide them down so that they engage the lower guide pins, also.

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Form Length 11 inches.

Use the following table for the IBM emulation mode: The interfaces work on a “first come, first served” basis; the interface that receives data first becomes the active interface and remains active 200gx you turn the printer off and on again.

Recline the paper guide backwards.

That will be my next project. This prevents your printed output from becoming accidentally jammed in the paper guide on its way out of the printer. Do this by engaging the small extensions on the lower left and right corners of the paper guide onto the small posts pointing into the printer. Hook the extensions onto the upper guide pins pointing into the printer, then slide them down so that they engage the lower guide pins, also.

Open the tractor feeder covers, position the forms on the sprockets and close the covers. Remember that if this is a 64 bit OS that all drivers must be 64 bit and they priner be signed.


To use the paper guide, align the left edge of the left paper holder with the ruler which corresponds to the left margin you want to set. On my Windows 7 pc I have addressed the formatting issue when using the GSX printer driver by changing the font to Courier New I was previously using a Courier 20cpi font and now the report looks fine on the screen BUT now I can’t print the report from my new Win 7 pc.

Citizen 200GX Ribbons

Citizen 020gx printer driver for Windows 7. Move the paper select lever to the forward paper stack position. Paper which enters the printer crooked or off-center can cause a paper jam.

Read the reviews and specs before buying.

Select “Citizen” and “Swift 9”. This has fixed my printing probelms. Simultaneously the front end of the paper guide will slide forward slightly. The interface connector is located on the right side of the printer towards the back. Again, I can’t vouch for the site or know if there is a fee involved.

When you move the left paper holder, you can feel it click into place at the zero point the thickest line for a left margin of 0 zero. Thanks for the link to the GSX electronic manual. If yes, where can I download it. Pdinter sure priter guides fit snugly but do not bow the paper stack.

Move the right tractor feeder gently until the printsr is just taut between the two feeders. Use this feed for continuous forms such as multi-part forms and card stock.


Citizen GX Black Nylon Ribbon Cartridge – 2,, Characters

I even try it with a parallel-USB adapter. You’ll have to remove the serial interface cover to gain access to the default switches. This keeps the paper from “sticking” so that printwr one sheet is fed at a time. A simpler solution would be to install a PCI slot based parallel card to run the printer as it was intended.

Supplies for Citizen 200 GX

Flip open both tractor feeder covers and position the paper’s left sprocket holes over the priner pins on the left tractor feeder. Any suggestions on how to print now? Correctly installed, the paper guide will incline about 15 degrees. This worked fine on my old pc but on my new Windows 7 pc when running the same colour report that I want to print out, the formatting is out of alignment. Push the paper down gently to be sure it 200bx all the way in.