Notice how everyone uses a mask when welding? It was a work-in-progress. But to say the least, the first driver I have built with this topology had an AC flyback and an input power supply rated just 60 watts. So then let me run this by you. The circuit exactly I did built from is shown below:. But when I connect to the primary, the current goes up to 3 Amps, and the transistor starts to heating up a LOT.

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Some flybacks may have several winding which will appear to be primaries, in this case the real one can only be found by measuring inductance. Actually, i try to make my self a monster flyback like yours but i can not, I just made the first one based on the transistor.

It was a work-in-progress. Actually did not understand how you connected the GND?

Flyback Transformer Drivers

Basically just check that everything is wired correctly, if it flygack, check that all the parts are functioning. When you pull the wires so far apart that no spark is able to jump, you are running the transformer open loop and the potential can get very high as only a corona sky is forming. I use 12V 2A power supply i added uF capacitor at the power supply. Please give model number of flyback mosfeg what model TV it came out of. For the mosfet I used an IRFP, though any mosfet with a breakdown voltage above V and “avalanche rated” will work.


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The main thing I get is a buzzing arc, however, it lengthens up to cm. To really get good insulation mowfet could use a opto isolator to trigger the fet, and use seperate supplys for both the fet and thebut I dont think thats really called for.

I am using the exact same setup except with a IRF mosfet instead of the one listed. I used an irfpn mosfet. Pinout For those of you who have never seen a flyback transformer before, it may be a bit tricky to know where the primary, ground and other pins are. If you can give me a help I appreciate it. And is there anyway to remove the cap in the flybzck flyback without destroying my secondary? Bit different to the I’ll bet. The quasi-resonant topology But to say the least, the first driver I have built with this flybwck had an AC flyback and an input power supply rated just 60 watts.

What’s happening is likely spikes are getting coupled to the gate and killing the by banging the output below ground or above the maximum limit which I recall is only about 16V. Jaguarjoe Member Jun 23, Because, I have no that. Almost flybzck newer flyback transformers have a DC output 2: Supply is 12V 19Ah Lead-acid battery pack.

The screen and focus knobs on the flyback only effect the the who thinner wires coming out of the flyback which are connected to the internal potential divider network. One way to start is to find the value of the peak primary current in the transformer; the resistor should be sized so that this current, multiplied by the resistance, gives a peak voltage that’s comfortably less than the rating of the MOSFET.


I am using 1 mm diameter wire and 11 turns and i thinck my flyback is 4A model. One and a half years later I decided to try this again, but this time I knew what I was doing.

Even when you spent an hour tuning both pots perfectly, it still sucked, and turned the mosfet into a heater at 1a 12v. This is going to be for a year end physics project for now as I am new into this venture. There is a device UC December 5, at November 3, at Thanks for all the info everyone. fljback

– NE Flyback Driver MOSFET failiure – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

I want to know fyback positive terminal primary coil and turn direction. Running them at this frequency can be done in many ways. Thank you for this. Make sure you use a mosfet and not a bipolar junction transistor, the symbol in the datasheet should resemble the one in the schematic.