In this case, two phantom inputs are created, because some applications seem to require this. Function of the “Always Resample” checkbox was inverted. Search in titles only Search in Technical only Search. Thanks again Fireberd, Looks like you use the techniques, from your avatar. Direct DMA Buffer mode resyncs somewhat faster now, sometimes and under some circumstances

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If you do not need ASIO input, you can achieve better overall latency i.

ASIO driver support in Windows 10

AntonyJose Replied on September 24, I recently found another rogue ASIO driver on my system. Hi Glenn Visit the wiki site: Out on probation now.

This has not been observed in any real world setup, however. Even if you don’t notice a difference, trust me: Samplitude no longer crashes when trying to open the control panel.

This puts me in the difficult situation of having to clarify that Carlos was at no point in time involved in either the conception or the development of ASIO4ALL. Thanks for any assistance! This site in other languages x.


Fix a bug in the device enumerator that under certain circumstances would prevent some devices from showing up in the device list. Notably did it not work at all in 64 bit mode before. More minor changes to the latency guess-o-matic. Sorry this didn’t help. Workaround for full-duplex issue with Realtek HD audio drivers on certain Acer laptops. Similar help and support threads. Hacking the GUI is fun I knowbut without a native manual, folks will still be lost!

Anyone use ASIO4ALL driver with an Acer Laptop? – VDrums Forum

Fix a number of relatively asuo application compatibility problems. And what version of ultimate do you have 32 or 64 bit? Fix several issues with in app integration API added earlier. I’m attempting to zip up the appropriate Once this is done, restart the computer and check, if it works.

This doesn’t fix anything.

ASIO4ALL – Universal ASIO Driver For WDM Audio

Login or Sign Up. It worked great along side my Aspirre us in WDM mode I had 16 channels available and recorded a couple of shows without issue. Plus, the final 2. This makes this mode somewhat usable in Cakewalk Sonar.



More minor improvements, most of which mainly serve to increase fault tolerance, others may change the world as we know it, but, alas, over time I had forgotten which ones and in what way exactly. In order to install with default parameters, you need to uninstall the previous version first. I have no idea how or why, but all of a sudden i turned on my laptop and Addictive Drums yesterday to tinker around and asio4all was there under the device tab.

I’m a huge pusher of ” The audio interface is the heart of a DAW system” anybody whining about audio issues will get that from me every time. User Control Panel Log out.

Thanks for the response! Otherwise, the behaviour should be entirely transparent.