Adjusts the amount of buckle the paper feed clutch applies to the paper after the registration sensor is activated. B Free Run Process The charge remains on the surface of the drum because the OPC layer has a high electrical resistance in the dark. The Cover Open indicator is lit then SC is displayed. These gears are quieter than normal gears.

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The original mode key on the operation panel has two settings, text and photo. Separate the PCU into two sections as shown 5 screws. To prevent mechanical or electrical damage, do not keep an electrical component on for a long time.

Use temporarily if the TD 1805dd needs to be replaced None Toner is supplied every printed page regardless of Vt.

Left lower cover [A]! Do the procedure in section 3. This voltage is compared with Vsg read from the bare drum at the same aaficio. Error Diffusion Error diffusion reduces the difference in contrast between light and dark areas of a halftone image.

If the copy is made with the platen fully open, the CPU decides the original size from the sensor outputs when the Start key is pressed. The corrected pixels are compared with an error diffusion matrix. If this occurs, repeat the download procedure. Leading Edge Registration B: Key Operator Tools 1.


Increase the value if thick paper is jamming after feeding from the registration roller. Special 2 uses the same type as Text 1, and Special 1 uses the same type as Text 2. Paper did not reach the registration sensor from a paper tray.

After checking that LEDs are all blinking, press ” or Cancel to exit.

1505/1508/1502 1805/1808/1802 1805d/1808D/1802d

Bushing [D] x 1 Other OHP sheet sizes may cause a paper jam. Erase Margin Adjustment 1 Aficiio edge Adjusts the leading edge erase margin.

Normally use this setting only Compare Vt with a reference voltage Vts or Vref Toner is supplied to the development unit when Vt is higher than the reference voltage Vts or Vref. However, a process called White Line Erase Compensation is used instead; this process can be adjusted by changing the value of SP between 1 and 5 the default setting is 2. A current feedback signal for the transfer roller is not detected. WMF The gears are numbered 1 to 12 in the order in which they are to be installed in the gear box.

Distribute one pack of developer [A] evenly across the width of the development unit, into all openings. Pull out the top paper tray. After finishing the User Tools program, press the User Tools button to exit. The machine adjusts the current to the laser diode by comparing it with the reference level from the reference circuit.


Nashuatec D copy with Printer controler

Low paper present The above table shows the outputs of afici sensors for each original size. Remove the cable guide [B] 1 screw. Text 1, Special 2, and Special 5 have a default of 3 and Photo have a default of 1. You can select either a curve for textbased originals brings out text or a curve for photo originals better distinctions between shades of dark colors.

Ricoh AE Upper Fuser Roller, , – Genuine

Lift up [B], [C] and [D] together and pull the assembly toward the front side of the machine until the hooked harnesses [E] are accessible. The higher the temperature or humidity is the higher the applied voltage afjcio.

Photo images created by dither patterns dots visiblesuch as newspaper photos — normal resolution. This takes about 60 seconds.