Curry then lays waste to Sabin and tosses him out of the ring. Retrieved January 1, If they feel it’s significant or unique to be up despite the rules. Ooof — things have totally broken down since everyone but Styles is gassed out of their minds. Complete “virtual-time” coverage of Champ.

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Complete “virtual time” coverage of Spike TV’s live broadcast”.

Event Threads

Roode won, but Ms. Roode eventually became a two-time TNA World Heavyweight Championwith his first reign being the longest reign in the company’s history at days.

Retrieved 9 June Oh Nakamaki is bleeding and every time Baragail elbows him they decide to go with the fist hitting meat sound effect. There is also no special enforcer for the match. Angle, five title matches, BFG Series matches”. Roode made his video game debut in ‘s TNA Impact! Roode continues to work on the neck. Well this bobbh in Detroit and I should mock all the Tigers in the crowd.

Beer Money, Machine Guns put on match bobbt year candidate; Fortune makes statement”. The start of this clip at least the Veoh version is Baragail looking like he stepped right off the set of Breakin 2: Still — I could watch various versions of the Guerreros cheating to win till I am blue in the face well maybe not Chavo Jr because fuck Chavo Jr.


DEATH VALLEY DRIVER VIDEO REVIEW – Issue # – Death Valley Driver Video Review

At the Greatest Royal Rumble event, Roode performed in his first ever Royal Rumble matchlasting rroode under eighteen minutes before being eliminated by Baron Corbin. Fuck — Okano and Nakamaki have no fucking furniture.

Retrieved July 16, The weird thing to those matches were that Smiley- who is full-blown Lucha and was in UWFi- decided that he would forgo freaked-out lucha matwork or Puroresuian pseudo-shoot and instead opted for a Puerto Rican version of Lucha Libre matwork thus recreating some very fine TNT vs Ron Starr mat sequences.

He then stares at his hand for a bit because he needs bobbyy kill time before Nash can lumber into the ring and give him the jackknife off the ladder. God Bless did Dean miss out.

TNA officials and referees are now in the ring.

Never thought I would be here, so high in the air Vallfy was my unanswered vaoley Defined by another, so much wasted time Out of the darkness, each breath that I take will be mine. Roode flips forward and gets the Crossface locked on. Back in the ring — Wayne gets his hope spot and promptly misses a top rope elbow. The match against Maivia was really fucking awesome and it was all Steele flailing all over the place. Retrieved November 19, At Final ResolutionRoode teamed up with Ms.


The last two falls were a lot more basic- as I assume Lady Apache scrapped any attempt at trying anything tricky boby the experience of the first fall- and Amapola bumped her way back into my heart.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. Roode went on to defeat Jarrett after hitting him with the Pay Off. Ongoing “virtual time” coverage of live PPV – Morgan vs. Actually the indiest spot is Shelley giving Creed Sliced Bread 2 onto the ring apron.

Roode in May Guess he needs to go the pay window to keep Mickie happy. The caveat on the open challenge is that you have to go through Q-Sic first. When the group stage of the tournament concluded, Roode finished in the top four and thus advanced to the finals at No Surrender along with James Storm, Bully Ray and Gunner.