A hetftey reinsurance mar- UB. Iraq Re’s net retention is 70 per cent ted Egypt Re’s 65 per cent but teeir faorne markets are protected from foreign competition and rates con therefore be con- trolled. On toe questions of wine and olive oil, already produced in unreg- ulated surplus by France, Italy and Greece, toe 10 EEC member states have yet to agree on any common position to present to tbe Spanish and Portuguese. It might have been a disas- trous experience for -the primary market. Swiss Re will discuss strategy and objectives with ettents, de- sign the package for the mail- shot tailored to the particular market end profit teat toe pre- mium rates quoted by the life company. There will, however, be no return to the bom of the decade started in the late s when London agents enjoyed rapid expansion, underwriting re- insurance on behalf of insur- ance companies, particularly those from overseas, who were keen to win a share of the world’s biggest market in London. The first volume to be pro- duced on the system — a page dictionary of medical acronyms — is already in the proofing stage.

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It is in urgent need of fresh orders. Chase became a leading bank to the insurance industry by bringing together the finest international bankers, trust specialists and financial experts to work closely with major insurance companies around the world. Tfew competition came from others – quarters. No deferral will be allowed. In this relationship identical interests are forged between the reinsurer and the user of reinsurance since often insurer’s premium rates are set only after reaching an agreement with the reinsurer.

Competitiveness worsened by 3K per cent in the first half of and relative unit labour costs are now nearly 30 per cent higher than in The devices feature in spectrometers and other ; monitoring equipment.


The aircraft will cost about 26 m. Elsewhere, says Mr Etter: Rates for the working days when the FT was not published are also included. They are also appropriate for facultative reinsurance indivi- dually negotiated reinsurance business where generally OCAs are not extended.

Please send me details of bulk order discounts or telephone Signed Dale Pfoaoe allow 2Bdays tor delivery. Previously this Income, unlike earnings from the insurance of U-S. The Chandos Insurance Com- pany, a subsidiary of the Bass brewing group, last month ended an agency agreement with the Insurance Corporation of Ireland and opened its own underwriting room.

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But in doing so they were also boosting the image of India’s only political figure apart from Mrs Gandhi, the Prime Minister — who has such charisma and crowd-pulling potential. Measured over a twelve-month period, the rate of increase of the consumer price index increased from 10,0 per cent in February to If this succeeds Ft16–04b1 re-establish- ing stability then insurers and reinsurers will gain new con- fidence in the market, and in their agents.

Car strike notice The United Auto Workers Union said its members voted to authorise strikes against General Motors and Ford If union bargainers deem It neces- sary to obtain new national labour contracts.

Provisional fig- ures for show that imports have increased to 54 per cent and the trade deficit to about Em. Established reinsurers have been turning fh16-04b1 business if they are not satisfied with the terms in an effort to improve tee underwriting results of the market. The French Maritime Minis- ft166-04b1 Issued the statement after reports of an increase in the level of fluorine inside the hold of the ship. Or tolerate any red tape. Up to a point, the new economic upswing was welcome, since it brought about desirable increases in output, real income, employment and most forms of economic activity.


These problems did not creep up on ICI out of the blue. Mercantile and General, has spent moat of his working life In the reinsurance business. In Bermuda tee captive companies, which seldom saw- tee best business offered, faced nightmarish problems.

In turn the reinsurer receives fun-jim share of every risk to obtain a more balanced portfolio of business.

Placa De Rede Fun Jin FtB1

Meanwhile, Ahmed Al-Tayer, who was given a ministerial post dn the United Arab Emirates soon after his election as vlcecbadrman of Arig, has also retired. It suggests that earlier official figures showing a decline in the sec- ond quarter may have been mis- leadingand will be revised. Wayne County Circuit Court.

Completion Is again scheduled for October. It is because the transaction of insurance often requires the risk to be spread among a large number of underwriters, through the process of re- insurance, that the problem of dud security somewhere along the line can end up by affecting most participants.

The RAF is expected to ma ke a decision before the end of the year. In some fun-jiin there may be a genuine transfer of risk, but the primary motivation for the transfer may be a transfer of profits between companies, perhaps to related companies sometimes based til a more favourable taxation environment.

Key areas which Spicer and Pegler suggest might be covered by such standards include an analysis of the prin- cipal types of risk to which a company is exposed.