This new solution offers print tracking except USB printing and secure print release. Hardware Page Count validation now supports additional options to check all trays before determining if a device has no paper. Type-3 Universal printer driver: Fixed an issue that prevented users from editing blank Scan Action fields filename and subject on the device. Fixed a layout issue on the Print Release screen that caused a held print job with a very long document name to overflow and push the job’s time stamp outside the screen. Fixed an issue that caused a “User is already logged in” message to display if the Login button was pressed twice.

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ApeosPort-V 2060 Drivers & Downloads

Fixed an issue that prevented users from editing blank Scan Action fields filename and subject on the device. The notification also asks if you want to switch to manually managing printer monitoring. These files did NOT collect any data.

UI refresh fixes since Fixed an issue preventing users from logging into PaperCut MF on the device.

Improved the time to release print jobs, especially in environments with a high number of held print jobs. Fixed an issue that caused hardware page validation checks to fail. Fixed an occasional issue that caused an incorrect number of pages to be reported when printing multiple copies.

This list is no longer updated. Oracle and PostgreSQL databases: Fixed an issue that occasionally caused print job attributes such as page count and ownership to be incorrectly detected. Added a new print scripting recipe for Job Ticketing that cancels a large print job after a specified number of pages, and prompts the user to submit the print job to the Print Room instead.


This lets users sign in to PaperCut MF without retyping their credentials.

PaperCut MF – Release History

Fixed a rare issue preventing the release of jobs when “Block the release apeospory jobs when this device is in error” is enabled. The Apeopsort Details page that incorrectly displayed the status of toners with low levels as “Unknown”, now displays the status as “Some”. See Automated Application Deployment. Fixed a translation issue that caused extra single apostrophes to display in the Admin and User web interfaces and various device interfaces.

Added an option in the ext-payment-gateway-heartland. The Admin web interface and User web interface login screens can now have a custom background image, background color, and Log in button color.

Fixed an issue in Job Ticketing where email notifications could not be sent when a suffix was applied to the user emails in PaperCut MF.

It’s secure and easy to set up, and seamlessly integrates with the overall PaperCut MF experience. Fixed a page count issue when using roll paper. Fixed an issue that caused the page size to be incorrectly detected when using roll paper sizes larger than A4. Konica Minolta BizHub driver: Fixed an issue that incorrectly included sensitive authentication apeosportt in debug logs.

When attempting to enable HTTPS, if the number of certificates allowed on the device has been exceeded, the Device Status now displays “Started with errors – Certificate error”, instead of “Started with errors – Unknown error” Added a config key to allow PaperCut MF to register all supported card readers connected to the device by default, if the Swipe Card authentication method is selected ext-device. Fd print management, data privacy and security compliance: Changed the Scan to Cloud Storage icon on the device screen from a folder image to a cloud image.


PaperCut MF – Release History

Fixed an issue causing Envelope 10 size print jobs to be reported and charged as “Default other sizes “. Fixed an issue that caused multiple print jobs to be generated for each Web Print job in some virtual environments. Fixed an issue on the Print Release section of the Device Details page that displayed an incorrect warning message when a virtual print queue had a long list or more of redirected destination queues. The login button to the PaperCut Pay Station is now disabled while the user is being authenticated.

This controls the display of the “Finish” button on the device’s scanning screen, and also controls the user’s ability to add more pages to a current PDF scan job and receive it as a single PDF. This allows you to provide visibility to a subset of printers depending on a user’s subnet.

Fixed an issue causing a user authentication prompt to be incorrectly displayed when printing from USB. Fixed an issue when deleting a device in the PaperCut MF Admin web interface that sometimes displayed multiple rows of unnecessary error messages in the server log.

Fixed an issue that caused a apeossport custom login message to flow over other elements on the screen e.