Have doubts regarding this product? I do not read Spanish nor understand why the symbols on the keys do not appear on the screen. Saif Fazwani 18 Dec, But if your mouse is a wire mouse, the mouse is broken. The dongle, KB, and mouse require a code pairing process. Pity as the keyboard itself was comfortable to type

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The keyboard, mouse and receiver dongle are factory preset and require a code pairing process.

This feature is good for people who like to drink coffee or tea at their desk while working. We have some problems with your product. Check if your laptop recognizes the mouse or not in the Device Manager. Wireless technology is now being integrated into every type of electronic device or gadget to make it more user-friendly and accessible. Only solution seems to be to take out batteries and reinsert them If it is the same result on different USB ports, the mouse is broken, contact customer support for assistance.

Some devices have additional buttons and you need to install the driver, but for those models, you do not need to install the driver if you do not want to use the additional buttons. The supported OS is always shown on the package. I need a service manual to check for potential problems, so can repair it ourselves. Going wireless brings in many benefits that make the investment well worth as it removes restrictions and frees you to relax a bit more.


If only keyboard or mouse could be paired, please try to change the batteries. The mouse cursor sometimes lags or stops for a few seconds, if I move it away from my WiFi it becomes normal. I do not read Spanish nor understand why the symbols on the keys do not appear on the screen. You need to change the mouse battery. If keyboard and mouse still do not work properly, it is a hardware problem, contact customer support for assistance.

The keys have ultra slim key caps that lets your fingers glide over them without any hindrance while helping you type more comfortably without any strain.

The SlimStar Mouse provides a comfortable feel while enabling smooth movement control with its 3 easy to use buttons which includes the magic roller for vertical movement through documents. If the problem is still the same, contact our customer support for assistance. The Genius SlimStar is a good wireless keyboard and mouse combination for use either at work or home.

Genius SlimStar Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo – Genius :

There are 2 hot keys to increase and decrease the volume quickly without having to use the mouse to control the volume on the operating system. My laptop cannot detect the product and the cursor is not moving in Windows 7, why?


Initially the keyboard was working smoothly but after abt 6 months the keys have developed problems If you have plugged in other keyboard or mouse receivers, there could be interference between them. Change the place where you use the mouse, test kyboard the frequency is affected by another device or not.

Keybkard it doesn’t help, the product is broken. SlimStar binding program. The LED indicator when blinking means the battery is low. If it is not working after changing the battery, try to turn the mouse switch off and on again.

You will need to purchase another KB with a new receiver.


Have doubts regarding this product? The Genius SlimStar keyboard has an ultra slim build that feels sturdy.

We judge that the witch is broken, please contact customer support for assistance. What is your global warranty on your products? Sometimes when I turn on the mouse, underneath, the LED lights are slimstae, but mouse does not work, why?