The perfect tool f Send command SE to exclude the Space character. Insert the rolled digitizer into the shipping tube and allow it to fully unroll against the inside of the tube. There are two kinds of flow control: Roll-Up II 24 retained even if the unit is powered off or reset. Send command BI for Binary format.

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This item is used so it does show sign of nor Programs can send commands to the digitizer to turn the audio tone generator on and off.

GTCO Roll-Up II – Users Guide User Manual | 70 pages

This unit has the 36″ x 48″ active area. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. What issues are you having with the site?

Both devices must be set for the roll-pu number of data bits. The first byte in each format has its high order bit set to 1.

There are two kinds of delimiters: Default increment is 0. Roll-Up II 68 2. Table 7 and Table 8 show which character will be sent. The application program must examine the high order bit of each byte to determine when a format begins.


36 X 48 GTCO Roll up II Blueprint Estimating Digitizer

It is a fast, efficient and commonly used format. Hold or temporarily tape the card in place to keep it from moving during the configuration process. Be prepared to discuss the observations you made while troubleshooting. Tell us about it. Click ‘Point 1’ – you should hear continuous beeping.

Work through the troubleshooting flowcharts on the following pages in this troubleshooting guide. Instructions in the previous sections show how to include or exclude the cursor button character in certain of the ASCII formats.

GTCO Roll Up Digitizer

A Technical Support Specialist will help you resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The Roll-Up II is now ready to accept commands.

RD Diagnostic command causes the Roll-Up II to examine the attached tablet and send the results to another device for display. On the other hand, ASCII coordinate formats are longer than binary ones, so they take longer to transmit and they occupy more space when stored in memory.


Send command BI for Binary format. Roll-Up II 48 2. By examining the button code gtci the format, the application program can use this information appropriately.

Remove the Custom Configuration Menu card from its storage location in one end of the housing. To select Point Mode: Other Cads Software, you have to study yourself. Roll-Up II 26 2.

36 X 48 GTCO Roll up II Blueprint Estimating Digitizer | eBay

Roll-Up II 57 Table However, most of the commands in this subset have equivalent Roll-Up II commands. The following information is not required for normal Roll-Up II operation. Digitizer and software used by California commercial concrete contractor. To set the rate at which coordinates are sent in Line Mode: This page was last updated: It comes with an embedded, permanent menu in the lower-left hand corner of the digitizer which looks like this: