I’ve very pleased with this product overall. Some preloaded files on the USB flash drive may be hidden; so in order to delete them, you may need to turn on an option that allows you to view hidden files. The MediCap USB records still images and full motion video to a USB drive from virtually any standard definition video source, for example, from an endoscope, arthroscope, surgical microscope, ultrasound, C-Arm, etc. All other signals current will require signal conditioning of some sort. Does this come with any free acquisition software? Charles Grand Lake CO. MediCapture does not guarantee the reliability or compatibility of non-MediCapture brand drives when used with the USB

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The solution ush this case is to insert the third-party drive in your computer and delete all files that may have come preloaded on it by the manufacturer. DAQami is being run under Windows 7 with all updates.

Alternatively, uninstall any preloaded programs that are on the flash drive by opening the programs and selecting any uninstall hsb. No differential mode Job Title: Insert the USB flash drive in your computer. A pressure sensor or transducer typically converts pressure into an analog voltage signal.


When my USB is connected to my monitor, there is no video picture on the monitor or the picture is scrambled, like a TV that is not tuned hw. When you have ensured that the drive is completely empty, try inserting it in the USB again.

USB Bit DAQ Devices with 8 Analog Inputs – Measurement Computing

Analysis of system health and maintenance 59 months ago. Item s Added To Your Cart. OEM versions are available for embedded applications. A poor input signal can be caused by a faulty video source for example, a broken cameraby a loose or defective cable, or by improper configuration of the USB Can this board be configured for 4 differential analog inputs? Hello Charles – Yes, your order will include software other than jsb programming libraries that you’re referring to. DASYLab Runtime allows you to run an existing worksheet application on an additional computer with compatible hardware configurations.

DCDC-USB-200, Intelligent DC-DC converter with USB interface

Try a MediCapture brand drive. Can the USB be integrated with Labview? The USB is only capable of supplying a voltage source of 5 volt mA. Delete all preloaded files from the drive.

Ensure this 020 the correct drive. How can I open this cover? Apple has acknowledged the SMB issues and has committed to fixing them in the next release of Snow Leopard v Thank you very much for your help, All the best. Power converter design and control 30 months ago. The USB requires a clear video input signal. Data acquisition 49 months ago.


In order to protect your recorded videos and images, it is important to frequently back them up by transferring them from the external hard drive to your computer or network. Formatting a drive erases ALL files on the drive.

And does the log file contain valid readings? Each device provides analog input, digital, and counter functions, and up to two analog outputs. Please contact MediCapture Technical Support for information on how to install the upgrade.

The C libraries were very easy to integrate into our existing application. Thanks in advance for your help!

You can use the following procedure to format a USB flash drive on a Windows computer: Please leave this field empty.