Computational photography is a lot more than just stitching photos together. To compete in the smartphone market, where users want everything to run fast, this will not fly. Want to talk about gear? Here are the facts. A 3D-printed model shows how the lenses are arranged within the L Its price like just one of their DSLR’s len. But how can that be?

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Earlier this year, it has partnered with Foxconn famous for manufacturing Apple devices, among many other things to bring a multi-camera system – similar to that seen on the L16 – to smartphones. Threaded Phonne Newest first Always view all comments Save.

Light L16 camera with 16 lenses showcased

Price of commonly available sensors will be less too. Ro30 June Mobile hardware Other. The device aims to deliver the same performance as that of DSLRs, but in a much more compact form factor. OnePlus 6T has a ‘hidden’ camera lens, omtorola what it does. Justin Haugen – October 27, I wonder what their profit margin is per unit.

All 16 camera modules and lenses are visible on the back of the L A shadow area of an image taken in a hotel room displayed a slightly odd magenta tinge. Everyone who buys a DSLR knows its size.

A phone with Light’s multi-lens camera tech is in the works

Well, that tech is reportedly going to be used in a phone that will launch later this year. There are all kinds of ridiculous combinations of data that you can use these sensors for This is called disruption in technology.


Best locations for loot and drop Four of a family hurt as mobile phone explodes while charging, causes fire Flipkart Mobiles Bonanza sale last day: I actually believe this headline. That is the firm Apple counts on to assemble the majority of its iPhone units.

Here are the facts. The 35mm modules look straight out from the back of the camera, while the 70mm and even larger mm arrangements lay flat on their sides, making use of mirrors to direct light into the lens. That to me seemed disruptive.

It’s really quite different from stitching, pbone it may seem that way, of course.

Thanks to Foxconn’s big investment in the small firm, the tech is going in a smartphone with nine cameras. Last week Last 2 days Most commented.

Reportedly, the first handsets powered by Phoje should hit the market sometime next year. Probably, but if you’re “redefining the concept” or whatever, it might be time to move away from expressing focal length by its field of view equivalent. If it were up to me, we’d simply get reacquainted with actual angle of view in degrees or radians, for that matter, who cares? Let’s work together to keep the conversation civil.


A phone with Light’s multi-lens camera tech is in the works – news

The price point lost me Combined, they allow the L16 to provide 35mm – mm optical zoom. One of the investors in Light is contract manufacturer Foxconn. What does in-1 mean? When shooting a 35mm image, all 35mm modules fire, but so do the 70mm modules.

Last week Last 2 days Most commented. But this technique will require to develop new software algorithm, which will take a long time in development and testing. A very simplified version of what they showed is that the wide-angle shots cover more or less then entire frame while the telephoto lenses got quadrants plus a center shot five shots to “add data” to “overlap directly,” if you will. To compete in the smartphone market, where users want everything to run fast, this will not fly. They have the technology if they want to implement this, they’re just holding it back because: